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JL4 Staffing Communication Policy

At JL4 Staffing, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of communication with all our stakeholders. This policy provides guidelines for our employees on the appropriate use of phone calls, emails, SMS messages, and other communication methods to ensure that our communications are effective, respectful, and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Types of Information Collected: The information on the resume, which includes, Full Name, Telephone Number, Email Address and Address. 

How Information is Collected:  Resume is collected from either the application or when a candidate submits their resume for a position. 

Purpose of Data Collection:  Collection of Candidate information is for the purpose of pursuing employment. 

Data Security Measures: All date is secured into a applicant tracking system thru a secured network.

Data Sharing:  Data is not shared with a 3rd Party

User Rights: Candidates have rights to their data and can be deleted / suspended at anytime via a written consent, such as the right to access, update, or delete their data.

Contact Information: For any questions or additional assistance, you can contact us at or call at 952-960-8430



SMS Consent: SMS consent will NOT be shared with Third Parties

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